Troopers [Audio CD] Cold Crush Brothers

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More official reissue madness! This time in the form of Kay Gee The All and DJ Tony Crush's "Troopers" (Founding members of the legendary Cold Crush Brothers). Originally a UK only EP release, Traffic dusts off B-Boy's master reels to include never before gems and versions available here for the first time on any format! Check the original B-Boy Liner notes: The Cold Crush Brothers- a.k.a Kay Gee the All and DJ Tony Crush - broke out of the Bronx and onto outernational rap charts earlier this year with the astounding double-A side 12” 'Feel The Horns'/ 'We Can Do This'. Both cuts strut the heavy stuff with Kay Gee's fiercer than fierce raps and both are included on this album. 'Feel the Horns' may be Cold Crush's biggest record so far, but the group have in fact been throwing it out since the late '70s, when the line-up was fronted by Kay Gee and Grandmaster Caz. When Caz chose to chill a couple of years back, Tony Crush got behind the decks. It's brother Crush who spices 'Feel the Horns' with those wicked son-of-Stax brass 'n' reed riffs, and 'We Can Do This' with the 'Mardi Gras' break beat. 'Troopers' is the Cold Crush Brothers' first album, and it's a monster. Check the spacey/acid feel of 'Cold Crush', the take-no shit anthem 'The Bronx' and the rallying cry 'Troopers'. This is hip hop at its best, carrying all before it. Mess with it, don't miss it. -1988 B-Boy Records