The Wild Soccer Bunch [DVD]

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A motley team of young soccer players enlist the aid of an ex-footballer in taking back their playing field from a group of nasty older athletes who aren't about to give it up without a fight. Summer is here, but just as the young soccer enthusiasts set out to practice their footwork, the storm clouds roll in and the field gets flooded. By the time the mud has dried up, a gang of older thugs have taken over the field. Determined not to lose their own personal Olympiastadion, the kids challenge their older tormentors to a game that will decide to gets the field, and who goes walking. Though their chances of winning are slim, things start to look up when has-been soccer icon Willy agrees to train them for the big match. Later, as game day draws near, infighting starts to take its toll on the group, they fire Willy, and a young girl makes a play to join the team. But through it all, the feral young footballers remain determined to win, or go down fighting.