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Rat Pack, The (DVD)They had "the world on a string." Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop, known as "The Rat Pack" set the style and the pace for 1950's America as the nation roller coastered its way towards the swinging '60s. The Pack makes Vegas their kingdom with Frank and the boys ruling generously -- a private corner of America, where anything goes. This safe haven porves invaluable to entertainers, politicians and the mob, all of whom share restaurants, bars, cocktails...and more. But when president Kennedy, newly elected with the support of the Pack, is advised that the friends who made him shouldn't be the friends he keeps, the guys soon discover that lady luck has chosen another partner. As America sips one last martini before flipping to The Beatles; as Marilyn Monroe ceases to be a living legend; and as Attorney General Robert Kennedy begins a crackdown on mob ties in Vegas, the Rat Pack's worl on a string is cut loose and drifting slowly otu of their hands.]]>