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If you forged the heart of Texas Rock with the sensibilities of British Pop, you would probably cast the fiery passion of a band like Dalton. This brother-fronted foursome from New Braunfels, TX, brings stunning pop melodies over massive soaring guitars in a forthright outpouring of faith, hope, love and rock 'n roll. The Dalton brothers - Preston (22-guitar/vocals) and Spencer (19-drums/vocals) heard the call of music 6 years ago after having gone to a more than memorable rock concert - which had a deep impact on them. Armed with their solidified talents, the brothers spent the next few years honing their razor-sharp songwriting. "Great songwriting is such a key element in sharing our music and the hope that it brings to our generation. We really took the time to get the songs right". The result? Dalton's stunning debut "Taste The Sky." The album title grew from an art sketch by Preston. "I had done a graphic collage based on really powerful scripture verse. It! 's dramatic, symbolic and very powerful, stressing hope in the return of Christ and also encouraging people to be all they can be - to, "taste the sky," because each one of us has that potential. The band is rounded out by fellow Texans, Chris Santos (18-bass/vocals) and Stephen Kanika (20-guitar/keyboards/vocals) and their energetic live show is one not to miss. Dalton's debut release, "Taste The Sky" will surely prove to be an amazing launch, jammed packed with defining pop rock singles.