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This controller is compatible with the Switch and only supports wireless connection. This controller can be used as a single controller or as two separate controllers. The one-button connection mode is easy to use. Wireless connection, strong anti-interference capability and stable connection signal. Built-in 300 polymer lithium battery, can be used for 4 hours after being fully charged. Also has a built-in gyroscope that supports motion detection. Each of the left and right handles have a built-in motor that supports the vibration function. You can connect multiple wireless controllers to the host to play multiplayer games simultaneously. Ergonomic design and light construction of the handle, even if the player continues to play for a few hours without effort. This handle can be connected to the computer via USB cable and updated with the update software.

Technical features:
Working voltage: DC 3.7-4.2V
Working current: 20-30mA
Standby current: 10-80uA
Vibration current: 80-150 mA
USB input voltage / current: DC 5V / 500mAa
Use distance: 10m
Battery capacity: 3.7 V / 300 mAh
Continuous use time: about 4 hours
Charging time: about 2 hours
Standby time: about 25 days
Handle size: single handle measures 44 x 28 x 102.6 mm

Package contents:
2x Joy-handles compatible with Switch
1x Charging cable
1x Instruction Manual