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ROMEO & JULIETTE : Juliette is 15 years old, and the daughter of a prominent Québec Superior Court judge. The media spotlight focuses on her father when he's invited to preside over one of the most important court cases in the last ten years: that of Réal Lamontagne's son His father is accused of committing gideous crimes. Romeo & Juliette is a comtemporary tale of love in modern society where everything has almost become impossible. It is the story of first love it's purest state; a love which eventually is destroyed by hate and rivalry. //// AURORE : Aurore grew up a happy child, until tuberculosis takes away her adored mother. Everything collapses in the young girl's life. Télésphore Gagnon, widowed only a week, falls under the spell of his attractive cousin Marie-Anne Houde and marries her. The young Aurore Gagnon dies. The coroner's inquiry will reveal she died from blood poisoning brought on by abusive treatment and numerous wounds on her small body. The famous and hugely mediatised trial of her parents follows; the story will make the entire country shudder with horror. The film shows the social reality of Quebec during the early 1900 s rarely seen on the big screen.