Prom Queen / Reine du Bal, La (Bilingual) [DVD]

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PROM QUEEN is the story of Marc Hall, a popular, out gay teenager from Ontario. It's prom time, and Marc and his pals are making plans for the big dance. But their dreams of the big night come to a halt when the school tells Marc he can't bring his boyfriend, and the other kids rally behind him to protest this decision. To Marc's surprise, the media picks up the cause, and in time, the decision goes all the way to the Canadian Supreme Court.PROM QUEEN is based on a true story, but is framed as a teen comedy/drama. "Light and fun," says Jason Chow of the National Post, who calls the movie reminiscent of "The Breakfast Club" and "Three O'Clock High." Rising young star Aaron Ashmore stars as Marc, with "Kids in the Hall" veterans Scott Thompson and Dave Foley as Marc's lawyer and his school principal respectively. The film features 14 pop hits from such artists as Melanie Doane and Erasure.