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As you might expect from a Jewish-Canadian MC claiming to be the "President of the Berlin underground" Presidential Suite is a little difficult to place. Despite the occasional stab at funk-fuelled hip-hop, the only constant on Chilly Gonzales' (real name Jason Beck) third album is his devilishly cynical raps and relentless twisted humour. Shamelessly blending bizarre electro-symphonic instrumentals ("Scheme and Variations") with xylophone-led melodramatic love songs ("Shameless Eyes") he has even persuaded one-time Rat Pack crooner Louis Austen to add warmth to the lounge on "Starlight". But there's always the berserk hip hop of single "Take Me To Broadway" to remind you of his rap prankster credentials, amid deep beats and squelching funk his sardonic wit runs riot; "I got an extra testicle, but you're sceptical, about spectacle, these days bad taste is so delectable. " Relentlessly experimental and theatrical, Presidential Suite is far too diverse to be labelled a hip-hop album. His most ingeniously madcap long player yet, Gonzales has finally flung open the floodgates of his imagination. File under unique.--Christopher Barrett