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2010 collection from the Electronic/remix/production duo. Parts in the Post shows again Ed Handley and Andy Turner for the great producers they are. Last time was on their retrospective Trainer, this time though it's Plaid the remixers who are under investigation. Spanning some nine years or so, this aptly titled two-part collection, takes a typically versatile journey over all kinds of Electronic terrain, retaining a balance all the while between the known and not so known. Hence, tucked away between remixes dispatched for the likes of Bjork, Nicolette, Unkle and Herbert there's plenty of other weighty reworks and rarities to whet the appetite. Take the heavy electronic textures and percussive afro-rhythms of Dropshadow's "Disease Folotienda", the intricate Drum 'n' Bass of Sieg Uber Die Sonne's "You'll Never Come Back", the rough Detroit Electro of Grandmaster Flash & the Furious Five's "Scorpio" or indeed the Latin tinged dance floor maneuvers of Koolaking's "One Latin". All of which go some way explaining why Plaid are considered to be one of the most influential and innovative production units of the last 15 years.