Pale Fire [Audio CD] Team Shadetek

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Born and bred in downtown NY, Team Shadetek deals with street music on a global scale, innovating by connecting the dots between Hip Hop, grime, dancehall, and electronics in unexpected ways. They've tested their sound out on systems across Europe, honing it for the serious dancefloor, tune by big tune. Warm horns and ice-cold synths ride huge basslines and skittering snares. Following several self-released singles, a mini-album on Warp, and the massive "Brooklyn Anthem" single (included on the album and Green Lantern's Home Invasion mixtape series), Shadetek has readied their debut full-length. An army of guest MCs is enlisted to deliver the mandate, including Predator, Jammer, Baby Blak, Red Dragon, Skepta, and Ruste Juxx. Electronic beats and rhymes are cropping up planet-wide and Shadetek weaves those connections to devastating effect on "Pale Fire."