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Other Side London [Audio CD] Lazarus, Damian

The Other Side, a joint venture between Time Out (international weekly publication) and Deaf Dumb & Blind (multifaceted entertainment company), is an interactive guide to the bleeding edge of the world's great cities. Each edition is comprised of two elements: a mixed CD compiled by a native audio pioneer, and a DVD guide to "the other side" of the city - a visual handbook for both the frequent flyer and the armchair traveler. The London installment is compiled and mixed by Damian Lazarus, recently called one of the world's most exciting DJs by Rolling Stone, who takes you on an exhilarating ride through his musical past, present, and future. On the DVD, he takes you on an insider's tour of his favorite London haunts - from shops to bars, to restaurants and beyond. Track list includes The Paradise Motel, Mark Almont, Shriekback, Yaz, Saint Etienne, Point B, and many more. This is a DualDisc, which contains a CD on one side of the disc and a DVD on the other. Breakbeat. 2005.