Medic, Vol. 1 [Import] [DVD]

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Making its TV debut in 1954, Medic was one of the first medical dramas to appear on American television. Documenting the lives of a group of doctors, the show is unflinching in its depiction of a real-world medical cases and the often gruesome events doctors face on a daily basis. Not only that, it also portrays the strain that the medical profession places on doctors' shoulders, schedules, and more importantly, their families. Notably, each episode of Medic is introduced by Doctor Konrad Styner (Richard Boone) and is dedicated to those who work in the field of medicine. This release includes sixteen episodes of Medic and features the guest appearances of Dennis Hopper, Charles Bronson, and lee J. Cobb in the episodes of "Boy In The Storm," "Break Through The Bars," and "My Brother Joe."