Kira's Reason [DVD]

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Kira is discharged from a psychiatric ward suffering from a manic disorder. Her husbands, Mads, and her are in their mid-30s and enjoyed a good life with a great house, a large car and two wonderful kids. But that was before Kira developed her disorder. Now all she yearns for is to nourish her profound desire to live up to expectations and comply with the demands placed on her as a mother and wife. She desperately wants to succeed but fails. Time and time again breaking the rules, creating scandals. Her relationship with her husband suffers due to her escapades and her kids take fright at her lack of self-control and desperate attempts to restrain herself. When she discovers Mads had an affair during her hospitalization, she intensifies her efforts to regain her family, but in the end she fail.s She comes to realize that she cannot live the life of the wife and mother she used to be.