How to Start a Fire [Audio CD] Further Seems Forever

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Just two albums in, and Further Seems Forever seems destined to be known as the band that launched Chris Carrabba?s solo career. Too bad. The Dashboard Confessional frontman may have provided the vocals for the band?s debut, The Moon Is Down, but with newly recruited singer Jason Gleason, the Florida band has developed into a dynamic unit, imbuing its hardcore roots with thoughtful lyrics and incredibly elaborate song structures. How to Start a Fire showcases a set of well crafted, expertly played rock tunes, particularly the inspirational title track, "Pride War," and "Insincerity as an Art Form." The band would probably shudder at the thought of being labeled the emo Genesis, but it?s honestly a compliment to Further Seems Forever?s precision guitar work and dramatic flair. --Aidin Vaziri