Fear and Loathing, Vol. 2 [Audio CD] Luke Slater

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Following the successful debut of Fear and Loathing in 2001, Resist returns with an eagerly awaited follow-up - Fear and Loathing 2. Although Luke Slater is generally regarded as a "techno DJ," on this album he explores a wide range of electronic music across various micro-genres, showcasing his diversity in music. Mixing several upfront tracks together with essential tracks from the past, CD1 weaves from ambient sound-scapes by Planetary Assault System and Bola, through to the minimal click-house of Isolee, groovy beats of Agoria, to Carl Craig's remix of Throbbing Grislte's "Hot on the Heals of Love." CD2 is a dancefloor-filler mix taking in all that's hot in the world of electro and techno, including tracks from The Advent, Nitzer Ebb, and Alter Ego's underground smash "Rocker."