The Best of Bonanza: The Avenger / Bitter Water [DVD]

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Bitter Water: A neighboring rancher, Andy, is good friends with Ben, but his son (Todd) wants to sell their land for mining operations which will spoil the water rights agreement that Andy and Ben made years ago. Avenger: Ben and Adam Cartwright are convicted of murder and sentenced to the gallows. Rushing to their defense is a secretive stranger named Lassiter (Vic Morrow). Grateful but bewildered, the Cartwrights try to find out why Lassiter is willing to help them, whereupon they learn that the stranger's own parents had been lynched years before. Also appearing are Jean Allison as Sally, Dan White as Jackson, and Bern Passey as Giles. First shown on March 19, 1960, "The Avenger" was written by Clair Huffaker.