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05-51260 2 fun-filled adventures for kids of all ages! ASTRONAUTS If you?ve ever wanted to know what it?s like to be a real astronaut?then you?ll love this high-flying adventure. Take a trip to the U.S. Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, and learn what it takes to earn your wings. You?ll simulate a helicopter crash landing?float around in zero gravity... go for a spin in a multi-axis chair...and pay a visit to mission control. Plus, you can check out amazing shots of real astronauts in space. Strap yourselves in for an out-of-this world adventure that?ll make you shout: SOMEDAY I WANNA BE AN ASTRONAUT! Approximately 27 Minutes COWBOYS If you?ve ever wondered how real cowboys learn their crafts, then you?ll love this frontier adventure. Ride on down to Evans Ranch in Evergreen, Colorado, and discover what you need to know to be a real buckaroo! You?ll learn lots of different lariat swings...find out how to saddle and ride a horse safely...head out on a cattle drive...and solve the spooky mystery of "The Ghost of Wrangler Gulch!" Plus, you?ll meet Rosebud, the cutest runaway calf in the West. Sit tall in the saddle for this fun-on-the-range adventure that?ll make you say: SOMEDAY I WANNA BE A COWBOY! Approximately 34 Minutes Approximately 61 Minutes Color/NTSC/Stereo 05-51260