6-hour Christmas Cartoon Collection [DVD]

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Includes: Santa's Surprise, Santa & the 3 Bears, Boo Moon (Casper), Polar Bear Christmas, Winter Draws On, Somewhere in Dreamland, Teacher's Pest, Christmas Visitor, Jack Frost, The Old Shell Game, I Wanna be a Sailor, Toys will be Toys, Presto Chango, Jingle Bells, Bars & Stripes Forever, Farm Frolics, Fifth Column Mouse, Snowman in July, Little Broadcast, Gobs of Fun, Ginger Nutt's Christmas Circus, Good Boos Tonight (Casper), Hep Cat Symphony, Fox Pop, Christmas Comes But Once a Year, Have You Got Any Castles?, Ding Dong Daddy, Foney Fables, To Spring, A Haunting We Will Go (Casper), The Candlemaker, The Magical Snowman, Hawaiian Birds, The Tin Soldier, All's Fair at the Fair, Baby Elephant Christmas, Story of the North Pole, Star of Bethlehem, Enchanted Square (Raggedy Ann), and Pup's Christmas.