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Red Circuit are a true Prog Metal Supergroup, comprising of Sri Lankan born singer, Chity Sompala (ex-Avalon, ex-Firewind), keyboardist Markus Teske (formerly with the hardrock band Sheela and better known as producer and engineer for Vanden Plas, Symphony X, Neal Morse, Mob Rules, etc.), guitarist Oliver Noerdlinger, bass player Tommy Schmitt (ex-Zeus) and drummer Frank Bodenheimer. In the quest for true technical and musical perfection, Red Circuit went one further and called upon Patrick Rondat, Adagios Stephan Forte and Stephan Lill from Vanden Plas to add their touches of guitar prowess and recorded Trance State in Germany at Bazement Studios near Frankfurt. Inspired by a volume of poetry by Klaus Kinski, all the album's lyrics deal with the complex subject of human dishonesty in all its forms. The ten compositions certainly belong amongst the absolute best that the prog metal world has produced; besides the technical perfection, these exceptional musicians, in an extraordinary fashion, have breathed a deeply emotional and atmospheric life into each of the songs. Exotic instruments, acoustic stringed instruments, bombastic choirs and the finest vocal arrangements pump blood (RED) into the heart of a fabulously composed machine, comprising of the most complex engine (CIRCUIT) imaginable. Melodically with a view to the highest standard of the genre, Red Circuit open a new door to Prog Metal and march forth to the pulse of this machine into a new dimension of prog metal.